Blog #3 – Abstract Attempt

The following is my attempt at writing an abstract for my project.  As the project is a work is progress, please allow for editing and changes.

Gender disparities have been studied across many different occupations but the nursing field has long held the stereotype as a woman’s job.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services 8 percent of nurses in the United States are men and the number continues to grow.  As healthcare evolves so do the roles and responsibilities of those employed therein.  Murdock emphasizes the expectation that women should not turn their back on maternal roles compared to men and the obvious absence of the same.  Unnithan and Srivastava discuss barriers toIndia’s pracheta and sathin’s ability to move “up the ladder”.  Barriers are not removed but placed elsewhere in the chain of responsibility.  Herdman’s review of gender and nursing in Turkey reveals that men are viewed as more reliable, devoted, and harder working than women.  She blames gender definitions, patriarchical stereotypes, and the culture of the organization itself.  These factors are not limited to India and Turkey but are evident in theUnited Statesas well.  Men tend to seek out more technical and powerful nursing positions but not necessarily middle management.  I interview both male and female nurses who have been nursing for at least five years and identify their greatest struggles working alongside the opposite gender as well as the advantages it brings.  This visualizing development project will be in the form of a digital story.  I will tell about my experience conducting the ethnographic research and the process of interviewing and analyzing the responses.  As the nurses I interview are co-workers, I must account for a certain degree of bias or ambiguity both on my part and my co-workers responses.  This video will be a reflection my attitude and perceptions.



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